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The Dayton Houghs

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Friday, June 12, 2009

I am shocked at the warp speed that kids grow and change. I know what you are thinking..."Umm Hello!!! You have 8 kids! Haven't you figured that out yet?!" The answer is no. I like to think that they are going to just stay the age that they are, in the phase that they are in. I am quite happy with what we have going on here, and I am not a big fan of change. This fast pace at which my babies (and by babies, I am referring to all 8 of my kids, not just the ones under 3) are growing and morphing into little people or even worse...young adults (insert gagging sound here!) with opinions and the need for self expression and independence, is shocking. It is even more startling in our littlest Hough, Aiden. At a mere 6 weeks old he has gained over three pounds!!! He looks around taking in everything and it makes me a little bit sad. I know that he is growing and learning and probably trying to figure out how he will add to the chaos that is our family. It also makes me happy. I watch him as he is amazed by the littlest things like a ceiling fan for example or a colorful wallpaper border. His eyes open wide and his mouth makes a little "O" shape as if he is thinking, "Oooooo, that's cool!" And then it happens, he zeroes in on my face and he actually makes eye contact and very slowly it starts. First one corner and then the other turn up into an aorable toothless grin! And as quickly as it happens, it's gone and he's back to staring at the pattern on his bouncy seat. Those moments are beginning to occur more and more frequently. And I look forward to them, even if it means that time is marching on...

6 Weeks Old